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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovations Provide Excellent Value

The bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in the home. This means the new features of an upgrade will be enjoyed over and over. In addition, when it comes to home resale value, a newly remodeled bathroom increases resale value.

The Triangle’s premier bathroom renovation & remodeling professionals. Over 20 years of experience with everything from affordable bathroom upgrades to luxurious master bath remodeling.

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Many Options for Your Bathroom Upgrade

Modernizing a bathroom can mean a simple upgrade to the floor and cabinets or a complete remodeling including an increase of the size of the master bathroom. Triangle Tile & Granite can help you with any type of renovation small or large. We will work through a plan that balances your dream bathroom with your budget. Here are some options to consider.

Installing New Bathroom Floor Tile & Wall Tile

Updating the bathroom with new floor & wall tile is an affordable way to give your bathroom a fresh, modern look. There are a variety of bathroom floor tiles and materials to choose from that provide a range of different looks. Vinyl tile is the lowest cost option while more natural tiling materials such as stone, granite and marble can provide a higher quality, richer look and feel. Other bathroom renovation options include ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. Mixing different styles of wall tile can make for interesting designs.

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Choosing a New Bathroom Shower and Tub is an Important Part of your Bathroom Renovation

The shower and tub are two of the main items in any bathroom and it makes sense that these are often upgraded during a bathroom renovation. Depending on the quality and style selected, prices can vary significantly. Smaller rooms often require combining the shower and tub elements into a shared space and often involve stepping over the tub to enter the shower. Larger bathrooms and master baths may have room for a separate bath and shower. Tubs and tub fixtures can be simple and functional or elegant and innovative. Sunken tubs, raised tubs, spas and Jacuzzis are great options for real bath lovers.

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Dream bathroom showers also come in a wide range of choices. We have installed durable shower surrounds, skid-resistant shower floors and maintenance-free showers. We can help to figure out if you prefer a modern shower, a spa, a cozy feel or a classic bathroom. We will work with you through the entire shower selection process step-by-step. First, choose the type of shower; perhaps an all glass, walk-in shower. Then, pick out the walls along with the color and type of wall tile. Next, choose your fixtures, accessories and doors. Every element you choose adds important detail to the overall look and feel of the bathroom design.

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