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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Big & Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be a personal sanctuary. It’s where you go in the morning to get ready for the day. And it can be a great retreat where you relax after a long day at work. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, there are hundreds of bathroom remodel ideas that can transform your old, outdated bathroom into a special place that helps you rest, relax and restore your energy.

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Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Don’t let your small bathroom limit your dreams or your creativity. There are hundreds of ideas for giving a small bathroom a big update while keeping the same footprint. You might need to be a bit creative, but there’s no reason to be stuck with an old, outdated bathroom just because it is small. Here are some small bathroom renovation ideas and pictures:

  • Color – it’s usually a good idea to use brighter colors in small spaces to make it feel bigger.
  • Mirrors – the use of mirrors makes smaller spaces feel larger.
  • Lighting – effective use of lighting brightens and opens up a smaller room.
  • Shallow Cabinets – for narrow bathrooms try shallow cabinets that don’t extend as far into the room, leaving more free space to walk around.
  • Compact Vanities – well designed, compact vanities can open things up and provide space efficient storage for smaller bathrooms.
  • Pedestal Sinks – bulky cabinetry with built-in sink basins can be swapped out for a sleek, modern
    pedestal sink that takes up far less space.
Bathroom Remodel 2

Innovative Ideas for Creating a Next Generation Bathroom | Wet Rooms & Open Showers

An innovative way to transform a small bathroom and give it a modern functional design is to turn the entire bathroom into a wet room or open shower. What is a “wet room or “open shower”? Basically, a wet room means that you convert the entire bathroom or a major part of it into a fully tiled and completely waterproof open shower area. A big advantage of wet areas and open showers is that they allow you to get rid of unsightly, bulky shower rods and curtains and shower curbs. You replace them with a wall shower, waterproof floor tile with a drain for the wet space. Depending on the design and space you may add half walls, glass blocks or glass walls to direct some of the shower spray. While this is a newer trend, open showers have been popular for years in higher end homes and all over the world.

Bathroom Remodel 3

10 Must-Have Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here are 10 great ideas that can turn your master bath into a relaxing retreat.

  1. Beautiful Tiled Flooring – elegant and low maintenance, tiled floors are a great choice for a beautiful master bath remodel.
  2. Heated Tile Floors – keep your toes and feet toasty warm in the winter with heated tile floors.
  3. Ceramic Tile Shower – tiled showers can provide a wide range of great stylish looks and are also low maintenance as they are easy to clean and help fight off mold and mildew.
  4. Multi-head Showers – an ideal way to relax with his and hers shower heads or treat yourself by directing both shower heads towards yourself.
  5. Large, Elegant Bathtub or Spa – few things are more relaxing than a hot bath with warm jets of water so a bathroom spa is a very nice feature.
  6. Double Sinks – everyone likes having their own personal space in the bathroom and double sinks are a great way to give everyone the flexibility they want.
  7. Extra Cabinet Space – no one complains about having too much storage so work in extra cabinet space with wall cabinets or vanities to store towels and bathroom accessories.
  8. Mood & Accent Lighting – the right lighting really shows off a beautiful bathroom and comes in a range of options from recessed lighting to wall mounted lighting fixtures.
  9. Designer Faucets – the hardware selected for your tub and sinks can put the finishing touches on your room with a range of styles available from traditional faucets to sleek, modern designs.
  10. Separate Toilet Room – even in a nice open, modern bathroom design, many people prefer to create a separate private space for the toilet.
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