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The Executive Collection

The Executive Collection from Triangle Tile & Granite, Inc.

For homeowners looking to create a unique and luxurious look to their living space, we offer a rare selection of the highest quality exotic stones. 
These stunning granite colors and designs are part of our Executive Collection.

The Executive Collection

Highest Quality and Selection of Rare and Exotic Granite Stone

  • Rare Selection - We offer an extensive selection of the highest quality, rare and exotic natural stones available in the Greater Triangle Area. 
  • Bold Colors and Designs - Our high-end granite and marble is available in hundreds of rich, luxurious colors and unique designs and patterns.
  • Precision Fabrication – We treat each design with exacting measurements, precision fabrication and painstaking installation.
  • Luxurious End Result – As a result of selecting a rare, high end stone and installing it with the highest care, our clients enjoy a beautiful end result that will set their living space apart and last a lifetime.

Azul Bahia - “a beautiful blue bay”

Azul Bahia Granite

An exotic selection of Blue Bay

Bahia is one of the 26 states of Brazil and the state capital, Salvador, sits on a beautiful bay, or “bahia”, in Portuguese.

To the west rise the Chapada Diamantina mountains where diamonds and beautiful natural stones like Azul Bahia are found.

The depth of the brilliant blue coupled with rich veining and swirls make this a precious and dramatic stone.

The Exquisite Look of Verde Bamboo

Verde Bamboo Granite

A choice piece of Verde Bamboo

Bring the exotic look of real bamboo into your home with Verde Bamboo.

It is composed of many pleasing shades of green including moss, olive, and forest green, with rich veins of gray, black and white quartz all flowing in horizontal lines that closely resemble the natural look of fresh, green bamboo shoots.

This stone is a great choice for countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and floor tiles.

A Taste of Brazil – Blue Canyon 

Blue Canyon Granite

An exotic selection of Blue Canyon

If you travel to the exotic land of Brazil you will find they dance the samba and love their futbol, or soccer. 

You will also find an exotic stone called Blue Canyon.  It is a very beautiful semi-translucent quartz stone featuring rich blues and greens with playful veins of red and gold that provide a delightful and rare contrast. 

Elegance from the North – Cold Spring

Cold Spring Granite

A choice piece of Cold Spring

In the northerly region of Lac du Bonnet in Manitoba, Canada are several granite quarries that produce a unique granite stone called Cold Spring. 

Like the land from which it comes, Cold Spring shows off a light and airy base of white and eggshell and highlighted with natural grays, silvers and browns.

The light color will help brighten up a room while adding a rich and natural texture to the living area.

A Delicate Delight

Delicate Delite Granite

An exquisite slab of Delicate Delight

An absolutely exquisite piece of granite is Delicatus White.  Harvested from Brazil, each piece can vary in its characteristics, making Delicate Delight prized for its uniqueness. 

It is a light stone which provides brightness to the room.  The accents can be in gold, caramel and peach tones.  Veins of rich and vibrant gold tones add even more distinctiveness.  

Golden Beach brings warmth to your kitchen or bath

Golden Beach Granite

A look at Golden Beach Granite

Golden Beach is also called Juparana Persia and Giallo Beach.  It too comes from Brazil and provides  beautiful golden colors complemented by natural whites, browns, silvers and grays.

Golden Beach has highly sought after inclusions of minerals that make each piece visually interesting and unlike any other. 

Make a Dramatic Statement with Mascarello

Mascarello Granite

The Drama of Mascarello granite

Mascarello granite makes a bold and dramatic statement.  Rich and vibrant accents come to life when the piece has a lot of mica and quarts which are offset by white quarts.

It works well with rich cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.  Since the granite makes a strong statement itself, keep the rest more simple.

How about some warm, rich Nobel Gold?

Nobel Gold Granite

The Richness of Nobel Gold granite

Nobel Gold brings rich, chocolaty colors and flowing streams of swirls to your room. Browns, mochas, tans and golds all swirl together in a harmony of colors and patterns.

This stone is clearly a piece of art in itself in any room where it is displayed.

Saci is Sassy

Saci Granite

A choice slab of Saci Granite

Saci is a striking and exotic granite stone that hails from Brazil.

With rich browns, tans, mochas and whites, it makes a beautiful complement to wood cabinets and is a perfect compliment to any high end appliances.

Experience the “Magic” of Talisman

Talisman Granite

Talisman offers special beauty and powers

There is no better name for this stone because Talisman offers supernatural beauty and elegance.

Intricate patterns of quartz, mica, and iron oxide bring Talisman to life with warming yellows and golds. You have to see this extraordinary stone to appreciate its singular beauty.

Ready for a Typhoon?

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

The Uniqueness of Typhoon Bordeaux

Typhoon Bordeaux is truly an exotic class of granite.  With large swirls of color and patterns, few other pieces of granite can match the uniqueness of Typhoon Bordeaux. 

Colors range the spectrum as very dramatic highlights are present and in great variety.  Some pieces are lighter with a large presence of white, while other pieces feature dramatic inclusions of fiery golds, reds and yellows. 

The Warmth and Glow of Yellow River

Yellow River Granite

The warmth and glow of Yellow River.

For a pleasing warm feel, Yellow River should be on any must see list.  It provides a very elegant, natural look with a rich blend of many warm tones and hues. 

The patterns blend together to provide a serene and comforting effect like the ripples in a flowing stream. 

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