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Shower Pan Installation

Shower Pan Repair & Installation
Fixing Leaking Shower Pans is Our Specialty.

A leaky shower pan is very annoying and a cause for concern if not fixed.  We can diagnose your problem and fix your leaky shower pan.  We have fixed damaged showers pans for homeowners all across the Triangle area so call us today for an estimate to repair your leaking shower.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost to replace a leaking shower pan?
Typically, it costs in the neighborhood of $400 to replace the vinyl liner itself, and anywhere from $1000 to $1600 to the replace the mud and tile portion of the shower. Often, the final cost will depend on the type of tile used and the dimensions of the shower.

Should I completely renovate my shower with all new tile?
Depending on the age of the home, sometimes it is no longer possible to find an exact match for the tile. In this case many homeowners will decide this is a great time to update their shower or the entire bathroom.

What does it cost if I decide to replace my entire shower?
In this case, you are still looking at around $400 to replace the vinyl pan, and depending on the dimensions of the shower and the type of tile selected, you should probably expect to spend between $1500 and $2500 plus the cost of a new vinyl liner.

Are there any unknown expenses that could occur?
Depending on the length of time your shower has been leaking, there is the possibility of wood damage underneath the shower. Sometimes, for showers on the first floor of the home, damaged or rotten wood can be detected from the crawl space. Unfortunately, in most cases the only reliable way to determine the extent of the damage is from the top side, after the shower pan is removed. Therefore, it is difficult to place any exact cost of subfloor repairs before seeing the extent of the damage, but a good average for wood repair is around $250.

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Signs of a Shower Pan Problem

  • Missing grout
  • Signs of mold
  • Cracks or space between the wall tile and the floor
  • Water on floor or damp carpet
  • Wet sheetrock outside the shower
  • Water leaking into the next room
  • Water leaking into a room below

Our Shower Pan Repair Services

Diagnosis – we properly diagnose the problem and determine whether it is best to repair or replace your shower pan

Shower Pan Replacement Services – we can remove the damaged shower pan and replace it.

Plumbing Services – we manage all the plumbing work required

Renovations – we do complete shower renovations

About your Shower Pan

Tile showers have a waterproof barrier under them that catch any water that seeps through the tile flooring and redirects it down the drain.  The shower pan is a flexible, waterproof material that is placed on the sub-floor, under your shower, and is brought up the side walls of the shower to a point slightly above the top of the curb of the shower.  To prevent leaking, no cuts are made in the shower pan as it is folded up the wall.  A hole is cut where the pan joins the drain assembly.

If your shower is leaking it could be due to a leak in the shower door or missing grout on the wall or on the curb of the shower.  These minor issues can often be handled by adjusting the door or replacing the missing grout.

However, the most common problem is the actual shower pan or vinyl liner leaking because it has a hole in it.  This typically occurs when it was first installed because the vinyl liner was improperly installed, or cut too short, or because a loose nail from the drywall installer may have gotten stepped on and punctured the vinyl liner before the mud was installed over the vinyl liner.

Since this water could drain out into the sub-flooring and cause mold and water damage, it is important to get the problem checked out right away and not wait.

In our experience, the best solution to a leaky shower pan is a replacement.  Since the leak is beneath the tile and cannot be seen or located, attempts to repair the leak by injecting material through the tile is imprecise at best and could result in failure to fix the problem.  Since continued leaking from the shower can result in water stains or rotten subfloors or floor joists, it is important to do the job right.  And the proper solution is a shower pan replacement.

Home Inspectors and Realtors Choose Triangle Tile & Granite, Inc.

Many home inspectors recommend Triangle Tile & Granite, Inc. as the experts to repair shower pans.  Home inspectors are trained to always go under the house and inspect the wood structure below the shower.  When they see evidence of a leak they take pictures as evidence of the damage and include this in their report to the realtor.  The home inspector or seller’s realtor then recommend the best way to fix the problem. 

Triangle Tile & Granite, Inc. is proud to be a top choice among many of the home inspectors and realty agents in the Raleigh and greater Triangle area.  

Shower Pan Repair

Shower Pan
Repair & Installation

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