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Green Countertops

Green Countertops and Eco-friendly Building Products…
Think Green on your Remodeling Project.

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project we have plenty of great options for green and eco-friendly countertops.  What does it mean to be green when it comes to remodeling?  It means you can make environmentally responsible choices by selecting countertops that are natural or use recycled content.  It also means selecting a fabrication and installation company that is committed to being green.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and certifies that a building or community was built in an environmentally responsible manner.  Green products earn LEED points when they lower operating costs, reduce waste, conserve energy and water, support health and safety, reduce greenhouse gas, and support environmental stewardship.

Green Countertops – appealing and environmentally responsible

Triangle Tile & Granite, Inc. offer hundreds of choices of countertops and building products that are beautiful, long-lasting and environmentally responsible.  Here are some of the environmentally responsible benefits and features of our eco-friendly countertops.  Visit countertops to learn more about our products.

  • Granite – Granite is a 100% natural product that comes directly from the earth. It is both beautiful and durable.  Because it retains if beauty for years, it does not need replacing which adds to it’s eco-friendly footprint.
  • EcoTop – is a pretty and durable countertop that can compete with the likes of Corian, but is made from 50% recycled wood and paper and 50% bamboo.  The resin that binds the product together is 10% water based and VOC and petroleum free.  Note: VOC stands for “volatile organic compound” and is considered non-eco-friendly.  EcoTop was a winner of the “Sustainable Industries Top 10 Green Building Products” in 2008 and contributes to LEED credits. 
  • Eco by Consentino – is an extraordinary blend of eye-catching elegance and green recycling.  When you see these beautiful countertops it is hard to believe these are recycled surfaces created by reusing materials that had reached the end of their life cycle. 
  • IceStone – countertops are durable surfaces made of 100% recycled glass and concrete.  The company’s mission is born out of a deep commitment to being environmentally responsible and sustainable.  IceStone is a member of the United States Green Building Council and the products have received the “Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification”.
  • PaperStone – is and attractive new material that is produced in a socially responsible manner.  It provides a beautiful, heavy-duty look and is warm to the touch.  These countertop surfaces are ideal for homes or commercial use.  The company is fully committed to environmental sustainability and the products have won numerous green awards and count towards LEED points.
  • DuPont Zodiaq –  received the “Green Approved Product Seal for National Green Building Certification” by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).   The Zodiaq Terra Collection received the Green Award for its post-consumer recycled content. 
  • CaesarStone – is 93% natural quartz and earned the ISO 14001 Certification for its compliance and commitment to the environmental management system.  In addition, it was the exclusive surface of project7ten, one of the few Platinum LEED homes in the country, which was built “as green as possible” to serve as an educational model that represents heightened environmental awareness.
  • Cambria – is a beautiful and natural quartz surface for countertops and the company is also committed to managing and minimizing the environmental impact on all its products and operations.  Cambria is natural quartz that is lasting and durable.  Cambria is “GREENGUARD For Children and Schools Certified”, ”GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified” and it can also contribute to achieving LEED points.  In operations, Cambria recycles 100% of the water in their production plants, includes the Toyota Prius in their fleet vehicles, and practices recycling and reuse across their processes.
  • Bio-Glass – are striking glass countertops made of 100% recycled glass and are also 100% recyclable.  Depending of the color, the countertops are either made from pre-consumer recycled glass, post-consumer recycled glass bottles, or a mix of the two.  Bio-glass is Cradle to Cradle Silver, NSF, Greenspec certified and contributes to LEED credits.
  • Eco-Terr – is an eco-friendly terrazzo made from recycled content and comes in tiles and slabs.  The surface is contemporary, creates a modern look and can be used in a variety of applications from homes to light commercial.  It is ideal for countertops and flooring.  It is produced from naturally occurring elements and is 70% to 80% pre-consumer recycled marble and granite. 
  • EnviroGLAS – offers a variety of post-use recycled glass and porcelain products for decorative and practical use.  EnviroMODE is a new terrazzo surface, EnviroSLAB is an affordable and unique countertop.  EnviroPLANK recycled glass and porcelain Terazzo floor tiles can be used for flooring or wall tiles.  EnviroSCAPE is a new trend in decorative, eco-friendly landscaping.

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