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Comparing Kitchen Countertops

Comparing Kitchen Countertops: Granite versus Marble, Quartz and Solid Surface

There are many different types of countertop surfaces to choose from.  What’s the best way to compare and make the right decision?  Here is a list of the different types of countertops and the Pros & Cons of each one.

Type of Countertop




A hard, naturally occurring igneous rock.  Granite slabs are harvested from quarries, cut and polished.


Beautiful designs
Many colors and patterns
Natural and unique
Heat resistant
Very durable and scratch resistant

Requires periodic sealing
Porous and can absorb stains
Visible seams
May contain pits and fissures

A naturally occurring metamorphic rock.  Marble is quarried, cut and polished. 


Variety of colors and patterns
Elegant, graceful look
Unique and natural
Heat tolerant

Not as durable as granite
Porous and stains easily
Visible seams
Difficult to repair
May take a little maintenance

Quartz / Engineered Stone:
Man-made surface engineered from 93% natural quartz combined with polymer resins.


Very hard and durable
Stain and heat resistant
Rich colors not found in nature
Manufacturer warranty
Made from natural stone

Not as impact resistant as granite
Visible seams
Possible damage by high heat over a long time
Limited colors

Solid Surface
Man-made material that is consistent throughout


Seamless design
Water Resistant
Many styles

Possible heat damage
Absorbs stains



Blue Fire-random-movement

Blue Fire-random-movement

Bossa Nova-random-movement

Bossa Nova-random-movement



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