Heated Tile Floors Keep Your Feet Toasty in the Winter

Heated Tile Floors Keep Your Feet Toasty in the Winter

Heated Tile Floors are an Ideal Way to Keep Warm When It’s Cold Outside

It’s winter and it’s cold outside. What a great time to spend a few more minutes in a steamy hot shower so you can feel warm all over. The problem is you have to step out of the shower onto a cold tile floor. Say “no more cold floor” by adding a heated tile floor to your master bathroom. Adding radiant heat can be a great option for a bathroom remodeling project. There’s a lot of benefits to a heated tile floor and it’s easier and more affordable than many people think.

Comfortable: The biggest benefit, of course, is comfort. A heated floor keeps you warmer than forced air because it comes in direct contact with your feet. When your feet are warm it helps make your entire body feel warm.

Adjustable:  Most heated floor systems make it easy to adjust the temperature as needed. It is also easy to set the timer so you can turn it on when you need it and save energy by having it turn off when you won’t be using it.

Easy to Install: For a trained professional contractor, it’s no problem at all to install. The contractor draws up a template of the floor and gets the electric mat in the right size to fit. The mat has electric coils that carry the heat under the floor. This is installed under the tile and then the mud and tile is laid on top.

Affordable: Many homeowners are under the wrong impression that having this type of flooring installed is very expensive. Naturally, it costs a bit more to add the heating system underneath the tile floor. But the reality is that prices for heated tile flooring have gotten more affordable over the last 10 to 15 years. As a result, many people are surprised when they find out how affordable it can be to add customer heated tile flooring.

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