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Tile Installation Raleigh NC

Custom Tile Installation Professionals

Triangle Tile & Granite provides expert tile design, installation and repair. For more than 25 years we have worked with homeowners in the Raleigh, NC and Triangle area to create beautiful, functional living spaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

tile installation raleigh nc

Beautifully Installed Bathroom Tile Pattern

Tile is a specialty product that adds beauty and long-lasting value to a home. When you see a perfectly installed tile design like the one above, it looks so simple. But it takes experience and craftsmanship to make the end result look so effortless. site down In this design there are several important details that make the design work so well. The wall and floor tile are the same, but the wall tile is laid square while the floor has a diamond pattern to add visual interest. domain like . The top of the tub has an inlaid ceramic tile border to make an appealing accent. domain mentions . The step to the tub has an appealing design and a smooth, comfortable installation and the border row behind the tub makes a nice transition to the wallpaper.

tile installation raleigh nc

Effective Use of Accent Tiles

Just look how the row of accent tiles above add to the look of the bathroom. The contrast of the two rows of white ceramic tiles adds a dramatic contrast while the diamond shaped piece in the middle brings the design together by matching the wall tile color. This wonderful look required great planning, design and professional installation.

The Importance of the Tile Installation Details

From tearing down the old materials to preparing the new surface to cutting and laying the new tile, there are many important steps to follow during a tile installation project. And since many installations can have unique challenges, it is important to have the experience to be able to creatively work through situations and deliver a beautiful end result. Each piece of tile is made to very tight tolerances. However, most floors are not perfectly level and many walls and corners are not perfectly plumb. This means that if you don’t properly handle the situation, each row of tile can become more and more out of alignment. In addition, if the sub-flooring is not perfectly level and stable the flooring will not be level and can end up cracking over time. And when it some to spacing the tile you’ll want an experience tile professional who know how to properly align and space the tiles so you get perfect alignment when the job is complete.

tile installation raleigh nc

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Transform Your Kitchen With a Beautiful New Tile Backsplash

A New Backsplash Can Transform the Look of Your Kitchen.

You may have nice appliances and cabinets that your really like, but you want to give your kitchen a great new look. Caderslutherro domain dns Consider the impact that a new tile backsplash can have. Whether you are looking for natural stone to blend in with stained cabinetry or classic subway to provide a clean, modern look there are endless styles to choose from and many want to transform the look of your kitchen workspace.

Warm, Comfortable Natural Stone

The perfect marriage of a tumbled stone backsplash with rich, stained cabinetry provides a beautiful combination. The natural variation of the stone complements the grain of the cabinets making the design work very well together. A mural over the cooktop provides visual accent and frames the main cooking area.



The Classic, Modern Look of Subway Tile

The choice of white subway tile for this modern kitchen provides an open, clean and bright look. The beautiful mural in the center adds a focal point of interest while fitting in with the overall design. server ip This combination provides the perfect complement to the modern, stainless steel cook surface and appliances.

kitchen backsplash 12

Mosaic Backsplash Tiles Add Visual Interest

These mosaic tiles repeat the tones of the natural granite countertop while providing  an interesting pattern that captures your imagination.

kitchen backsplash ideas


Get Some Ideas & Get Started

Collect ideas of what you’d like to do to dress up your kitchen workspace. Look in books, magazines and online to see what’s available. Pay some house visits to your friends homes and take a longer look at what you like and don’t like. Then, talk to a tile expert to share your ideas and explore possibilities. We love designing and installing beautiful tile backsplashes — so it you need some expert help we’re just a call away. Degen peta dunia